Is CBD the same as Marijuana?

Industrial hemp used to make hemp CBD and Marijuana are from the same hemp plant. However, they are drastically different genus and species of the hemp plant. Much like there is a wide range of palm trees.

Hemp CBD only comes from the Cannabis sativa species. Marijuana can come from a different strain of Cannabis sativa, plus Cannabis indica, or Cannabis ruderalis. How the Cannabis sativa is bred makes a distinct difference between the industrial hemp we use and what is used for marijuana. Although the term cannabis is used when talking about marijuana or hemp oil; they come from two very different Cannabis sativa strains.


What does Hemp Look Like?

Long fibrous stalks with very few, A smaller, bushier strain of Cannabis small flowering buds. It naturally sativa that is full of flowering buds. A has a very high amount of CBD and a high amount of THC (tetra hydro only a trace amount of THC. Cannabinol-psycho-active) is found with very low amounts of CBD.

What is Hemp Used for?

Oil, supplements, food, fiber, rope, smoking, vaping, edibles, paper, building material, natural recreational, spiritual, medical and continual uses. Illegal federally; legal in some additions are being found as more states with a medical card. Recreational uses and benefits are discovered. Use has been approve in some states. All 50 states CBD is legal in all 50 states.

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